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Special Exhibits

The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza
& Mancuso Show Management Are Proud to Present:

The 2022-2023 100-Year Hoffman Challenge Collection
Hoffman100Naturally, we want to celebrate with YOU because it is your creativity and loyalty to our brand that allows us to continue to lead the way in textiles. There's no better way to celebrate than joining in on Hoffman Fabrics' 100-Year Anniversary Challenge. Our "100-Year Hoffman Challenge" batik collection makes up the 2022-2023 Hoffman Challenge Collection. We are putting you to the ultimate test this year! For the first time ever, Hoffman Challenge participants were required to use a minimum of 5 out of 15 batik fabrics from the collection in their artwork entry. A minimum of five of these challenge fabrics must be used in the body of the quilt top or garment in recognizable, but not necessarily equal amounts. While we love it when you use Hoffman's fabrics, we invite you to use fabric from any manufacturer in addition to the required challenge fabrics. Ready to celebrate with us? Here's what you need to know.


Architecture: Edges – 20 Perspectives
20 Perspectives is a group of quilt artists that span the globe. We create quarterly challenges to share. "Edges"  comprises architecturally inspired quilts ranging from the every day to the surreal, informed by our different locations, travels, experiences, and dreams.   From visions of futuristic and fairytale to our renditions of the great buildings of the world,  from the noise of the city to a house on the prairie to an imaginary castle,  from the abstract to the realistic and mostly in between, we strive to convey what the concept of Edges means to each of us. See more about us and all of our other collections at exhibits around the world and at www.20perspectives.com. Quilt credits (left to right): Sunshine Houses by Ildiko Polyak, No Room to Breathe - Phyllis Cullen, Camito by Teresita Leal, Towering by Marie McEachern. 

Botany – Paradigm Quilt Artists
Botany Joyful Blooms Linda LarsenParadigm is a group of artists from southeast Michigan. Members meet to share ideas, critique work, and organize projects. To spur creativity, we challenge ourselves to make pieces centered on a specific theme. Our most recent theme is “Botany.” We are dependent on plants for our survival. They provide what we need for our health and well-being. As artists, we study their color, form, and structure. We respond to their beauty and the restorative power of nature. The diversity of plant life is reflected in our art as we present a glimpse into the vast world of botany. Quilt credit: Joyful Blooms - Linda Larsen

Celebrate – Quilts on the Wall
Celebrate Crotts AStarSpangled4th 01 sm 1000


Celebrate is a collection of art quilts proving that we all have something to celebrate, be it big or small, significant to others or only to us. To celebrate is a cheerful way to mark a moment in time that is or was special to both the artist and the viewer. These quilts celebrate a special day, event, person, holiday, triumph, performance, accomplishment, or adventure.  Post-pandemic, we are finally able to get together to celebrate.  Being there (wherever that might be) in person allows us to experience joy and celebration together. Pictured: A Star Spangled 4th by Judy Crotts




Celebration of the Quilting Art – Newtown Quilters Guild
Celebration Newtown Quilters 2024 Raffle Quilt

The art of quilting lends itself to many applications and styles. The Newtown Quilters Guild, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2024, engages in many different types of quilting including a broad range of philanthropy and quilting challenges. Talented quilters create works of art, whether bed quilts, wallhangings, decorative and practical items or even wearable art. Members celebrate the art of quilting and the fulfillment of helping the community through philanthropy projects. Our exhibit seeks to show the variety of quilting applications. Pictured: Newtown Quilters 2024 Raffle Quilt



Courthouse Quilters Guild 36th Anniversary Challenge: Portraits
Members were asked to create a portrait quilt using any technique and any subject, the only constraint being the size. The results were a beautiful, diverse collection of quilts depicting those we love, those that inspire us, and those that simply bring us joy. Courthouse Quilters Guild was founded in 1988 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The guild's name has roots in the early meeting location and local landmark, the Flemington Courthouse.


Faces of Love – Sankofa Quilters Guild
The Sankofa Artisan Guild Philadelphia was established in 2019 by a diverse group of Black women interested in sharing their love of the arts. The guild is member-supported and maintains an open membership, irrespective of artistic expression, for artists interested in realizing the guild's mission. The following works are the result of a two-day workshop where participants created a portrait quilt based on a photo of their choosing. Specific techniques taught by our instructor Rameses, who has used this technique in his own art quilts. We learned step-by-step methods on how to design and sew a portrait quilt.  The portraits within this exhibit are the result of joined efforts between both instructor and dedicated artists in the class.


Forgotten Treasures – Quilts by Jill Coleman
Forgotten Treasures Tulip Basket

A collection of vintage tops found or given to me to do with as I please.  I quilt many of these tops as I found them, others were taken apart and redesigned using vintage fabric and or contemporary fabric.  I enjoy the challenge of using Kaffe Fassett fabrics in my vintage pieces.  I work with vintage orphan blocks and textiles giving them a new life to be viewed and appreciated, no longer stashed away in a closet or attic. Pictured: Tulip Basket by Jill Coleman




Geometrics – Homemakers Country Quilters
Homemakers Country Quilters Guild invites you to visit our exhibit, “Geometrics”. Quilts are made of different shapes and combinations of shapes to form a whole, similar to how different shapes and combinations of shapes form our lives. Our Exhibit “Geometrics” highlights the different quilters in our guild as the art of quilting shapes our lives. Homemakers Country Quilt Guild of Collegeville PA is a welcoming group where quilters, novice to experienced,  of all ages,  and quilting styles meet to make friends, hear quilt-inspired speakers, and share our love of quilting.  This exhibit showcases our quilters and their range of styles and expressions in their “Geometry" of life. Quilts pictured created by Marcia Fields, Mary Kieras, and Jane Nase.

Household & Poetry in Cloth –  Talk Ten Travels
HouseholdTalk Ten is a group of artists who began meeting during Covid, as part of Visions Textile Museum of Art's outreach programming. The first ten people who expressed interest in meeting became the original members. We are now an independent group and meet monthly online to discuss textile art, techniques and inspiration, and create small and large challenge projects. Household was based on inspiration from a 1940s magazine titled Household, and Poetry in Cloth was inspired by an individually selected poem. Quilt credits: Household Brillo on the Brain and X-rated Strawberry Shortcake, both by Marty Ornish.



Inspired by the Nation's Capital – Curated by Donna DeSoto
Inspired by Capital
To celebrate our Nation’s Capital, fiber artists from across the country have portrayed key places and events in the Washington DC area. This collection of over 100 original 24” x 24” quilts showcases historic buildings, monuments, landmarks, museums and recreation areas. The collection is a fabric travelogue, enabling viewers the opportunity to see a wide variety of sites from the very familiar to the lesser known that feature the heart of the city, from the most serious locations to the more playful. Techniques, materials, and fiber art skills are as varied as the subjects of the quilts. Quilt credit: U.S. Air Force Memorial - Barbara Hollinger, and Arlene Wagner, National Cathedral - Meghan Shafer, Georgetown - Jeanne Coglianese, Kite Festival - Lisa Arthaud, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Carole Nicholas. 

The Lancaster Diamond Reimagined – Lancaster Diamond QAL
We were captivated by that classic mid-1800s quilt, The Lancaster Diamond upon first sight.  Its complexity and exciting composition were entrancing, but oh-so-traditional.  So why not reimagine it in contemporary and exciting ways? And why not do it with others?  An 18-month online QuiltALong ensued, and this thrilling exhibit is the result. Makers pushed the envelope in their unique interpretations in such innovative ways. Organized and led by Bobbi Penniman with assistance from Ann Holte who “wrote the book” about this amazing quilt, enjoy this selection of quilts by participants.


Light in the Darkness – AQuA
Light in the darkness…is it first light, candlelight, a super blue moonlight? Does light in darkness give you joy, hope, and promise? Does it erase the calm stillness of night or the fear of what we cannot see or imagine in the dark?  What AC when there is light in the darkness?  Members of The Art Quilt Association (AQuA) explore this fundamental dichotomy of our daily passage through night and day as we circle the sun.


Material Interactions: Data-Driven Community Quilting – Quilts by Rachel Ivy Clarke
MaterialInteractionsRachel Ivy Clarke draws on the communal traditions of quilting to create interactive data-driven patchwork quilts at community events throughout New York State. By selecting specific fabrics, colors, and shapes to represent various data points about visitors, such as their hometown or the distance they traveled to get to the event, she co-constructs patchwork designs with attendees based on their information. Each piece is subsequently quilted and finished, resulting in a unique, collaborative snapshot of an event that juxtaposes traditional folk arts and contemporary conceptualizations of data.


Modern My Way – Quilts by Allyson Allen
Modern My Way Crosshairs Allyson AllenThese quilts reflect the intuitive improvisational style of African American quilts (like those from Gee's Bend), but with my personal signature style of experimenting with non-traditional fabrics like velvet, silk, satin, and knubby linens. Some of the surface designs combine hand and machine stitching, embroidered knots, or glass beads. These dimensional elements make my version of modern quilting border on the edge of art quilting. Pictured: Crosshairs by Allyson Allen



Music Lyrics/Musical Moods – Quilts on the Wall
MusicLyrics Let Good Times RollJeanette Floyd
The inspiration for this challenge is the fact that for every situation, music can be like a time machine.  One song - the lyrics, the melody, the mood - can take you back to a moment in time like nothing else can. It can make you smile, or bring you to tears.  It could be a song sung to you by your Mom when you were young, or a special song shared with a loved one, a song that reminds you of a special event, or a type of music that makes you want to dance in the moment.  Quilt credit: Let the Good Times Roll - Jeanette Floyd





My Favorite Things – Main Line Quilt Guild
Wishing for Grandsons by Carolmarie Scanlon

Main Line Quilters invites you to visit our exhibit, “My Favorite Things”. Of course, quilts are our favorite things! But we have also created visual displays of some of the things we treasure, in a variety of quilt styles. Our quilt guild provides a space to be creative, make friends, and share our love of quilting.  New quilters are encouraged and experienced quilters are challenged to try something new. This exhibit ranges from traditional to modern quilts, including fiber art, bed quilts, and everything in between. Pictured: Wishing for Grandsons by Carolmarie Scanlon




Mystery Quilt Shop Hop 2023
Mystery Quilt 2023 Collage 5 1

The Mystery Quilt Shop Hop 2023 had over 200 participants in the second year and led a marvelous tour through 8 quilt stores in Philadelphia and the suburbs. We were thrilled to be able to commission an exclusive pattern from Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew that we named Star Shift. The exhibit will display 20+ quilts made with the Star Shift pattern and the variety of results is a wonderful sight to behold. Look for the next Mystery Quilt Shop Hop in March 2025!



Our Neighborhood of Row Houses – Curated by Mary Walter
Our Neighborhood Cats at Night Betsy DeWolfWelcome to our little neighborhood of eclectic Row Houses. Each quilt artist has interpreted the same pattern provided by Mary Walter in their own unique way. Some chose to stick closely to the pattern; others have added additional architectural details and embellishments such as applique, lace, or buttons. Many have used fabrics, with hand and machine stitching to create an atmosphere around their Row Houses. Quilt credit: Cats at Night - Betsy DeWolf.




Paris 2024 – Calico Cutter Quilt Guild
Strolling along the Seine Suzanne Doonan

Calico Cutter Quilt Guild was established in 1985 by a group of quilters looking for a daytime guild meeting.  It continues strongly today with a membership of well over 100. The guild meets the second Wednesday of every month - in the morning - in Exton, PA.  We have a wonderful website where you can read all about us at www. calicocutters.com. Our challenge this year was to create a quilt inspired by Paris, France, the Summer Olympics or all of the above.!  Our talented guild members did not disappoint. Pictured: Strolling along the Seine - Suzanne Doonan




Quilters’ Choice – Quilters of the Round Table
This exhibit is an open invitation to members to participate at their own level of interest and involvement.  This is our second year using this approach and has proven to be quite successful. It has given us a wide range of techniques, styles, and inspiration.


Quilts of Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild
The Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild (Philly MQG) is a chapter of The Modern Quilt Guild. Members meet to share their love of modern quilting and activities focus on modern quilting aesthetics and techniques. According to The Modern Quilt Guild: “Modern quilts are primarily functional and inspired by modern design. Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways. ‘Modern traditionalism’ or the updating of classic quilt designs is also often seen in modern quilting.” Contact us at phillymodernquiltguild@gmail.com or find us on Facebook at Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild or  Instagram at PhillyMQG for more information.


RE+ – TAVA (Textile Artists of VA)
TAVA RE Reimagine by Carol MontiTwo letters provide almost endless possibilities to build words ranging from “read” to “rehabilitation”. The Textile Artists of Virginia are well known for their way with words, be they as short as the 3-letter word “red” or as long as 15 letters building repetitiousness.” TAVA members reflected, reacted, and responded to reach real results and realize this renewable, relaxing, realm of remarkable fiber art. Quilt credit: Reimagine by Carol Monti





Rhythm – Stretching Art and Tradition 24
Rhythm Mary Ann Nailos Stamping It OutIt's often unnoticed, but without it we would stumble and fall.  All of life has a rhythm - our gate, our sleep, our bodies.  Music, speech, and art have the concepts of rhythm as well.  Put your thinking caps on and pick out a concept or depiction of rhythm you want to explore in your SAT24 piece.  Be it circadian rhythms, rock and roll, meditational rhythms or your favorite lyrical poem; pick and identify the rhythm you will chose as the focus of your piece.  As always our extra challenge is to stretch yourself using a new to you technique. Quilt credit: Stamping It Out by Mary Ann Nailos




Rise and Shine – Four County Quilters Guild
Happy rays are here again by KristiOur guild does a challenge quilt twice a year, with this one being our Spring challenge and the theme is “Rise and Shine.”  We ask our members to create a 30x30 quilt with their interpretation of what “rise and shine” means to them with an applique or pattern. We display these quilts and vote for cash prizes at our Spring tea.  Four County Quilters Guild meets on the second Tuesday of every month.  The in-person meetings are held at Calvary United Methodist Church in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  Meetings begin with a "Sewcial" at 6:30 pm and starts at 7:00 pm.  Our guild participates in many community projects, so please check out our website for any upcoming event.  Fourcountyquilters.org. Pictured: Happy Rays are Here Again by Kristi