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Special Exhibits

The Pacific International Quilt Festival & Mancuso Show Management Are Proud to Present:

Stitched Stories: Community Art Quilts for Justice
Quilts From the Social Justice Academy

AdvocacyArtivismIn 2018, the Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) was founded as an education and arts-based programming for youth activism. SJSA has facilitated hundreds of critical dialogues paired with quilt-making workshops that inform communities across the USA about the countless injustices that impact the livelihood of humanity. Each community quilt not only offers insight into the varied social issues that are important to marginalized youth, but also creates spaces for young people to feel empowered, heard, and liberated. Each quilt block featured in the quilts are embroidered by volunteers who add detailed embellishments to emphasize the stories of the youth. The quilts are then pieced and quilted by volunteer quilters, creating a bridge of learning and understanding across communities and generations. 

Architecture: Edges

20 Perspectives
Architecture20 Perspectives is a group of quilt artists that span the globe. We create quarterly challenges to share. "Edges"  comprises architecturally inspired quilts ranging from the everyday to the surreal, informed by our different locations, travels, experiences, and dreams.   From visions of futuristic and fairytales to our renditions of the great buildings of the world,  from the noise of the city to a house on the prairie to an imaginary castle,  from the abstract to the realistic and mostly in between, we strive to convey what the concept of Edges means to each of us. See more about us and all of our other collections at exhibits around the world and at www.20perspectives.com. Quilt credits (left to right): Sunshine Houses by Ildiko Polyak, No Room to Breathe - Phyllis Cullen, Camito by Teresita Leal, Towering by Marie McEachern.


Paradigm Quilt Artists
Botany Joyful Blooms Linda Larsen

Paradigm is a group of artists from southeast Michigan.  Members meet to share ideas, critique work, and organize projects.  To spur creativity, we challenge ourselves to make pieces centered on a specific theme.   Our most recent theme is “Botany”.   We are dependent on plants for our survival.   They provide what we need for our health and well-being.  As artists, we study their color, form, and structure. We respond to their beauty and the restorative power of nature.  The diversity of plant life is reflected in our art as we present a glimpse into the vast world of botany. Quilt credit: Joyful Blooms - Linda Larsen





Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association
Well Leave the Light On for You by Karel Peer


Dwellings can be defined as anything that is home to a living creature.  Members of the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association have made a variety of small quilts (16 x 20 inches) giving a visual interpretation of this challenge quilt theme. You’ll find many quilting techniques used, along with original photography, intricate stitching and innovative fabric and embellishment choices.  These quilts suggest homes for humans as well as the animal kingdom. 






Fabric, Paper, Plastic and Metal, Oh My!!!Electric Tree by Katie PasquiniSan Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
Contemporary art quilts build on images of the environment and, today, incorporate other mediums including paper, plastic, and metal. These new creations expand our perceptions. Come and enjoy the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles free from July 24-27 to experience these expanded visions.




Food - Floral - Fun
Rachel D.K. Clark, Gayle Murray Hazen & Corlis Taylor

20231011 161703

A piece of cloth can catch your eye because of its color, pattern, or texture. These qualities inspire us to create pieces that provide a place to highlight these features. This collection of garments by Rachel Clark, Gayle Hazen, and Corlis Taylor is their response to the themed prompts of food, floral, and fun. They chose fabrics to represent the colors of flowers, food, fruits, vegetables, and textiles they felt would be fun to work with. They hope you enjoy this exhibit as a testament to the fact that inspiration can come at you from any direction!

Greatest Hits

Cutting Edge Fiber Artists
The Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group is comprised of fiber and textile artists fromKathi Battles Red Planet Mars the California Central Coast.  Members work with a variety of innovative techniques and materials to create art quilts and fiber art that transcend functional craft into the realm of fine art. Members have been creating and showing work for decades.  Each of us has pieces that we are particularly proud of or that are particularly relevant to today’s world. With that thought, we decided to reach into our portfolios and find a piece that best spoke to us at this point in time. The result is our 2024 PIQF exhibition titled “Greatest Hits.”  

Household & Poetry in Cloth

Talk Ten Travels

Talk Ten is a group of artists who began meeting during Covid, as part of Visions Textile Museum of Art's outreach programming. The first ten people who expressed interest in meeting became the original members. We are now an independent group and meet monthly online to discuss textile art, techniques, and inspiration, and create small and large challenge projects. Household was based on inspiration from a 1940s magazine titled Household, and Poetry in Cloth was inspired by an individually selected poem. Quilt credits: Household Brillo on the Brain and X-rated Strawberry Shortcake, both by Marty Ornish.




Inspired by the Nation's Capital
Curated by Donna DeSoto
Inspired by CapitalTo celebrate our Nation’s Capital, fiber artists from across the country have portrayed key places and events in the Washington DC area. This collection of over 100 original 24” x 24” quilts showcases historic buildings, monuments, landmarks, museums and recreation areas. The collection is a fabric travelogue, enabling viewers the opportunity to see a wide variety of sites from the very familiar to the lesser known that feature the heart of the city, from the most serious locations to the more playful. Techniques, materials, and fiber art skills are as varied as the subjects of the quilts. Quilt credit: U.S. Air Force Memorial - Barbara Hollinger, and Arlene Wagner, National Cathedral - Meghan Shafer, Georgetown - Jeanne Coglianese, Kite Festival - Lisa Arthaud, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Carole Nicholas. 

The Lost Paintings

Quilts by Marilyn Belford
Lost Paintings

Before I became a textile artist, I was a painter based in Brooklyn, New York.  A collection of my paintings were displayed in SoHo galleries such as Pleiades.  When I moved out of the city, I took the paintings with me. They were stored in a barn that unfortunately collapsed, destroying the entire collection. I was inspired to create these quilts based on those "lost paintings." Marilyn Belford is an award-winning quilter, well known for her realistic fabric portraits and art quilts. Pictured: The Phoenix, Abstract #2, The Birds.



Medallion Medley
Pajaro Valley Quilt Association
Medallion Medley Star Above by Anna BrenkwitzOriginality and creativity are at the core of the Medallion Medley PVQA Special Exhibit. The group of quilts represent a broad range of design styles and techniques. A classic medallion defined as a central motif surrounded by at least one or more pieced borders was broadened to allow self-expression of members.  The joy of viewing a traditional pattern of medallion with a new interpretation by the maker will prove to be a unique experience. The Pajaro Valley Quilt Association of Santa Cruz County has been gathering and supporting each other in creative expression of quilting since 1978. Quilt credit: Star Above by Anna Brenkwitz. 




Modern My Way
Quilts by Allyson Allen
Modern My Way Crosshairs Allyson Allen


These quilts reflect the intuitive improvisational style of African American quilts (like those from Gee's Bend), but with my personal signature style of experimenting with non-traditional fabrics like velvet, silk, satin, and knubby linens. Some of the surface designs combine hand and machine stitching, embroidered knots, or glass beads. These dimensional elements make my version of modern quilting border on the edge of art quilting. Quilt credit: Crosshairs.




Ten Years of Service, Community and Heart
Silicon Valley Modern Quilt Guild
The modern quilting movement has taken off since the early 2000s and the Silicon Valley Modern Quilt Guild has been a part of that movement for the last ten years. Join us for a special PIQF exhibit to honor our 10th birthday. We’ll share innovative quilts that illustrate many of the characteristics of modern quilting, such as the use of bold solid colors, minimalism, maximalism, modern twists on traditional blocks, and more. We hope this exhibit sparks your interest in modern quilting. The Silicon Valley Modern Quilt guild invites all quilters to join us to learn more about modern quilting through speakers, classes, charity quilting, our biennial quilt show, and most of all, through conversation and fun with our community members.


Cherrywood Challenge
Monarch Logo


The iconic Monarch butterfly is in trouble. In the summer of 2022, it was put on the Endangered List. Let's change that. Not only can you plant the seeds of milkweed, you can plant the seeds of creativity. Can you do it with just eight colors? We encouraged you to push yourself creatively and think outside the box.





Music Lyrics/Musical Moods
Quilts on the Wall
MusicLyrics Let Good Times RollJeanette Floyd


The inspiration for this challenge is the fact that for every situation, music can be like a time machine.  One song - the lyrics, the melody, the mood - can take you back to a moment in time like nothing else can. It can make you smile, or bring you to tears.  It could be a song sung to you by your Mom when you were young, or a special song shared with a loved one, a song that reminds you of a special event, or a type of music that makes you want to dance in the moment. Quilt credit: Let the Good Times Roll - Jeanette Floyd





New Quilts of Northern California
New Quilts
Northern California Quilt Council (NCQC) facilitates communication between quilt guilds, teachers, and others in the quilting industry.  We have been sponsoring the New Quilts Exhibit at PIQF for many years now, and find that it allows our quilters a well-lighted, prominent location in the PIQF exhibit to show off their work.  We are excited to be able to sponsor this exhibit again and will award ribbons for Visual Impact, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with accompanying prizes.  We will jury the show to the most visually striking of the submitted entries, and urge participants to submit their newest, most vibrant work!  See the entry form for more details – click here. This special exhibit is open to anyone living in Northern California.  “Northern California” is defined as Monterey, Kings, Tulare, and Inyo Counties up to the Oregon/NV borders.  You can enter by going to NCQC.net.  Under the Events drop-down menu click on New Quilts of Northern CA. Pictured, in order, the 2023 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place winners: The Palace of Fine Arts by Angie Tustison,  Whimsical YoYo Village by Marilyn Spiegel, and Symmetry-Asymmetry, made by Sumilu Cue and 5 friends in a Round Robin. 

Our Neighborhood of Row Houses

Curated by Mary Walter
Our Neighborhood Cats at Night Betsy DeWolf

Welcome to our little neighborhood of eclectic Row Houses. Each quilt artist has interpreted the same pattern provided by Mary Walter in their own unique way. Some chose to stick closely to the pattern; others have added additional architectural details and embellishments such as applique, lace, or buttons. Many have used fabrics, with hand and machine stitching to create an atmosphere around their Row Houses. We hope when visiting our quilts, you will be engaged and delighted with our Neighborhood of Row houses as much as we were when we built them. Quilt credit: Cats at Night - Betsy DeWolf.




Out of Chaos

Quilts by Linda Toeniskoetter
Out of Chaos JUMPER

In the beginning, there is color and texture.  The fabric speaks and begins to be assembled into pieces, strips, and finally blocks.  I let the blocks find a home or at least a neighbor on the design board.  When it becomes obvious that two sections belong together, they get stitched.  It is like putting a puzzle together except that you are creating the pieces without knowing what the final picture will look like.  I want the completed work to feel balanced and cohesive even though some pieces may be rudely pushed together.  The process can create strangely angled seams and mysterious spaces to fill and that all becomes part of the unforeseen magic of the quilt. The work is finished when all parts come together, when the puzzle fits, and when it is just big enough.  Then I exhale. Quilt credit: Jumper - Linda Toeniskoetter



Outdoor Fun

Quilts on the Wall
Outdoor Fun
Quilts on the Wall is a Southern California association of textile artists who were inspired by the theme of Outdoor Fun to re-create fun adventures that explore the great outdoors. Quilt credit: Up Up and Away - Bunnie Mauldin, Life's a Beach - Charlene Tuch. 
Just imagine yourself:

•       Flying over beautiful valleys and wine vineyards in a hot air balloon

•       Sitting on the beach and being mesmerized by the movement of the water

•       Hiking the trail to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

•       Wine-tasting in the Temecula Valley

•       Seeing a variety of colorful kites dancing with the wind 

•       Exploring mountains, water, and verdant trees

•       Watching wildlife

Put Your Best (Square) Foot Forward
& Monochrome
SAQA Northern California/Northern Nevada

Put Your Best Square


A square foot is small for a quilt - but not for art. It is just the right size to experiment with; to try a new technique; to work with unusual materials. It is a size that lends itself to having fun. Come and experience the joy and creativity these artists found working in this format – the square foot. In addition, a group of artworks will be exhibited from the SAQA Northern California/Northern Nevada Regional exhibit, Monochrome, in which the 45” x 15” monochromatic pieces move your eye through the color spectrum.




Quilts from Hawaii
California Sewing & Vacuum
California Sewing presents this special exhibit of quilts from Hawaiian quiltmaker, Kay Anguay.  Her use of bold color, intricate piecing, and amazing free-motion quilting showcases her quilting talents.


TAVA (Textile Artists of VA)
TAVA RE Reimagine by Carol Monti


Two letters provide almost endless possibilities to build words ranging from “read” to “rehabilitation”. The Textile Artists of Virginia are well known for their way with words, be they as short as the 3-letter word “red” or as long as 15 letters building “repetitiousness”. TAVA members reflected, reacted, and responded to reach real results and realize this renewable, relaxing, realm of remarkable fiber art. Quilt credit: Reimagine by Carol Monti





Rhapsody in Red: Textile Stories in Scarlet

Quilts by Ana Buzzalino
RhapsodyRedJoin me on a journey through the depths of red, where every texture and shade tells a story.  “Rhapsody in Red” invites you to explore my journey of working predominantly with the color red,  this exhibit is a personal exploration of my fascination with the vibrancy of red and the stories it evokes. Working predominantly in red poses a unique challenge.  Within the constraints of a monochromatic color palette, I’ve pushed the boundaries of my craft and imagination, experimenting with shades from deep burgundy to vermilion.  Neutral colors such as white, off-white, and black or grey were introduced to enhance the impact of red and add depth to the compositions. “Rhapsody in Red” invites you to unravel the stories concealed in each stitch and each texture.  Colour and emotion.  Join me as we celebrate red textiles and the boundless possibilities they offer for creative expression. Quilt credit: Awaits an Old Red Barn and Two Vessels and a Bevy of Circles


Stretching Art and Tradition 24
Rhythm Mary Ann Nailos Stamping It Out


It's often unnoticed, but without it we would stumble and fall.  All of life has a rhythm - our gate, our sleep, our bodies.  Music, speech, and art have the concepts of rhythm as well.  Put your thinking caps on and pick out a concept or depiction of rhythm you want to explore in your SAT24 piece.  Be it circadian rhythms, rock and roll, meditational rhythms, or your favorite lyrical poem; pick and identify the rhythm you will choose as the focus of your piece.  As always our extra challenge is to stretch yourself using a new to you technique. Quilt credit: Stamping It Out by Mary Ann Nailos




Stitch Therapy

Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists
Stitch Therapy Sanderling Safari by Eileen Wintemute


Many artists comment that time spent on creative works is a form of therapy. Becoming absorbed in the work, and no longer mulling on current events or personal challenges, brings a dose of peacefulness that heals and nurtures the soul, hence the  name “Stitch Therapy.” Quilt Credit: Sanderling Safari by Eileen Wintemute




Visions in Textiles

Mountain Art Quilters
Visions in Textiles Denalis Children


Mountain Art Quilters is a group of fifty fabric artists centered in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. We meet monthly in Nevada City to share our expertise, inspiration, and ideas for producing beautiful works of art utilizing the latest in sewing, quilting, and embellishing techniques. We are a welcoming community of artists and anyone interested in learning more about us can email: mountainartquilters@gmail.com. Quilt credit: Denalis Children





Wild and Wacky
Guggenheim After DarkAs an antidote to the solemnity of recent years, Art Quilt Association members have gone Wild and Wacky. Oh my, colors that clash! Stripes and plaids. Visions of aliens, animals with two heads, and nature gone bonkers. Pink poodles, purple complexions, and clown cars on parade. The carnival is in town, nothing is off limits, and all peculiarities are welcome here.