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PNQE 2017 Competition Winners

2017 Competition Winners

#4004 Atomic Synergy
by Deborah  Levy
PNQE17 4004a

PNQE17 4004b

BERNINA 1st Runner-Up Best of Show:
#1007 Respite
by Sandy Curran
PNQE17 1007a

First Place:
#1006 When My Spirit is Set Free
by Teri L Cherne
PNQE17 1006a

Second Place:
#1001 The Big Bang
by Kathie Beltz and Mara Novak
PNQE17 1001a
Third Place:
#1009 Dialogue
by Rachel Derstine
PNQE17 1009a
Honorable Mention:
#1021 Life and Times of the Attitude Birds
by Lydia Erika Middugh
PNQE17 1021a
Best Hand Workmanship:
#1010 Women Rulers
by Connie Harris Farrington
PNQE17 1010a
Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:
#1027 Words for a Good Life
by Carolee Rounsaville
PNQE17 1027a
Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:
#1023 Points and Zigzags
by Catherine Palmer
PNQE17 1023a
Best Use of Color:
#1012 The Midnight Musician
by Marlene Fenoglietto
PNQE17 1012a
Best Interpretation of Theme:
#1022 The Shot
by Leslie A. O’Brien
PNQE17 1022a
First Place:
#1032 Decadent Victorian Darlings
by Hattie F Williams
PNQE17 1032a
Second Place:
#2033 When the Stars Come Out
by Diane Wingo
PNQE17 2033a
Third Place:
#1020 Paradise In Blooms
by Joyce McComas
PNQE17 1020a
Honorable Mention:
#2002 With Milk and Sugar … ?
by Rhonda Adams
PNQE17 2002a
Best Hand Workmanship:
#2005 I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends
by Stephanie J Braskey
PNQE17 2005a
Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:
#2014 Afterglow of Summer
by Lorraine A Ennis
PNQE17 2014a
Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:
#2020 The Doctor’s Wife
by Debra Lohman
PNQE17 2020a
Best Use of Color:
#2022 Butterflies
by Jan Lucas
PNQE17 2022a
Best Interpretation of Theme:
#2013 Flowers from My Grandmother’s Garden
by Claudia Dimond
PNQE17 2013a
First Place:
#4003 Whistling Winds in the City
by Cindy Carey
PNQE17 4003a
Second Place:
#4010 Climbing Your Ladder
by Janet Schoenfeld
PNQE17 4010a
Third Place:
#4002 Connect the Dots
by Sue Bower
PNQE17 4002a
Honorable Mention:
#4011 The Neighborhood
by Janet Schoenfeld & Maria O’Haver
PNQE17 4011a
Best Use of Color:
#4005 Off-kilter
by Rebecca Moyer
PNQE17 4005a
Best Use of Negative Space:
#4009 Miro and Me
by Stephanie Zacharer RuylePNQE17 4009a
Best Interpretation of Mid-Century Theme:
#4013 Mod Blocks 2.0
by Betsy Vinegrad
PNQE2017 4013a
#3008 A Silver Lining
by Lisa H Calle
PNQE17 3008a

PNQE17 3008b

Second Place:
#3031 Autumn Forest
by Carolyn L Olsen
PNQE17 3031a
Third Place:
#3001 Everyday Rust … Faded Glory
by Esterita Austin
PNQE17 3001a
Honorable Mention:
#3047 Drawing Nigh
by Betty Jo Tatum
PNQE17 3047a
Best Mid-Century Mod Wall Quilt:
#3007 Night Moon
by Maxine Shall Burkholder
PNQE17 3007a
Best Hand Workmanship:
#3051 Joyful Blooms
by Joyce L Wuehle
PNQE17 3051a
Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:
#3036 The Toymaker
by Sheila Riess
PNQE17 3036a
Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:
#3004 Nathan’s School House
by Daria Bernard
PNQE17 3004a
Best Use of Color:
#3020 Where is Everyone?
by Susannah  Kipp, Jane Frenke, Phyllis Hagstad, Shirley Hillgren, Dawn Lewis, Colleen Tavenner & Lin Vance
PNQE17 3020a
Best Interpretation of Theme:
#3023 Lime Ammonite II
by Kimberly Lacy
PNQE17 3023a

Frieda Anderson:
#3042 S Spiral
by Sheila Shepherd
PNQE17 3042a

Bobbie Bergquist:
#2007 Berries & Blossoms
by Katherine Carrington
PNQE17 2007a
Pepper Cory:
#3010 Two Heads are Better than One
by Donna Chambers
PNQE17 3010a
Paula Golden:
#1024 Flying Off into the Sunset
by Jamee Pemberton
PNQE17 1024a
Dierdra McElroy:
#1032 Decadent Victorian Darlings
by Hattie F Williams
PNQE17 1032a
#2011 Edith and Irene (central detail)
by Rich Danner
PNQE17 2011a

2017 World Quilt Competition Winners

orld Quilt New England
Manchester, New Hampshire

#1006 Eye Remember by Maria Ferri Cousins & S.B. Walsh, USA

First Place:
#8007 The Egyptian Goose Family by Kathryn Harmer Fox, South Africa

Second Place:
#2017 Methylene Blue Mandalas by Katherine Jones, Australia


Third Place:
#7003 Summer Landscape – Tongariro National Park by Merrilyn George, New Zealand


Honorable Mentions:
#9007 A Kaleidoscope of Kimonos by the Exe Valley Contemporary Quilt Group, UK

#4020 A-Maze-ing Words by Petra van der Daele, Germany

#4015 Seasons by Claudia Scheja, Germany


Best Use of Color:
#2001 Carousel by Yvonne Chapman, Australia


Best Hand Workmanship:
#9023 The Winters’ Tail by Shakesmeer, UK (Marion Barlow, Janice Bebb, Jennifer Ellis, Dilys Fronks, Barbara Harrison, Sue Horder, Liz Pedley, Jackie Wigglesworth)

Best Machine Workmanship:
#7001 Good Vibrations by Ansa Breytenbach, New Zealand

First Place:
#9509 Nostalgia by Annelize Littlefair, UK
Second Place:
#1521 Fun and Fancy by Zena Thorpe, USA


Third Place:
#9507 50 Hearts for 50 Years by Jacquie Harvey, UK


Honorable Mentions:
#9512 Blue Cabin by Joy Salvage, UK
#2502 Flowering Star by Catherine Butterworth, Australia
#2501 Carnaby Street by Catherine Butterworth, Australia


Best Use of Color:
#9505 Simple Sampler by Jo Colwill & Jan Whitehouse, UK

Best Hand Workmanship:
#4505 Andesine by by Andrea Stracke, Germany


Best Machine Workmanship:
#2505 North Country Girl by Karen Terrens, Australia



 United States:
#1507 Esfahan by Megan Farkas


#2009 Ornithology of Oz by Helen Godden


#3007 Wabi Sabi Modern by Anna Hergert

#4001 St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna by Ursula Bierbaumer-Bohle



#5008 In the Garden of Nuts by Tamar Rimon Hemeli


New Zealand:
#7502 Shimidsu-Sakuran by Anne Joule


South Africa:
#8015 The Blooming Mosaic by the Village Quilters Guild


United Kingdom:
#9513 Tartan Tattoo by Linzi Upton


*Not all countries were eligible for “Best of Country” awards.


To be announced on quiltfest.com.

Fiber Artist Vickie Clontz Found her Passion at a Young Age – Meet Her at PNQE

The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza is thrilled to welcome Vickie Clontz back to the event, held September 14-17, 2017 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks (Valley Forge area), Pennsylvania. Clontz will be vending, teaching and moderating the two PNQE Fashion Shows: a show featuring her own works, Celebrating Art and Fashion on Thursday, and the Sew Batik Challenge Fashion Show on Saturday. Both fashion shows begin at 2:00 pm and are included with show admission.

Vickie ClontzWhen Vickie Clontz was five, her mother taught her how to sew. That simple mother-daughter activity has led Clontz to a life in fiber craft and art. Her mother stayed close by to supervise her young daughter on the sewing machine, but Clontz clearly had a natural ability and a passion for creating with fabric. Clontz eventually sewed her own clothes and started her own business. Annie’s Keepsakes sells patterns for simple-to-make crafts, from napkins and placemats to a menagerie of pincushions and other items.

Connections that Clontz made through the craft business introduced her to other fibers, and this led her to start creating felted wool art, including wet-felted flowers, scarves and clothing that incorporate other fabrics.

In 1990, Clontz started her pattern-making company. “I knew how to make patterns,” she said and “I’d always wanted my own company.” She started with dolls and accessories, then added a pincushion of the month that corresponded to a theme, such as a heart for February. “If you sew, you need a pin cushion,” Clontz said. “They’re decorative, too. All my patterns I market as quick and easy. I want people to be successful when they make my designs.”

Vickie FashionVickie next discovered wool fiber and that opened another opportunity. “I had to figure out what to do with it,” she said. She started needle felting: creating art by interlocking wool fibers on the felt, and she began “painting” with wool. “Felting is physical,” she said and described rolling felt and other fabrics together with 1-inch dowels on bubble wrap. “It’s easy — kids can do it,” she said. “That’s how I started with felting and fiber art.

Then she discovered wet felting using the same fiber but instead of using needles to connect the fiber, she used soap and water. All sorts of fiber can be incorporated, including wool, curly Angora and bamboo. “Bling can be added with sparkly Angelina. You can’t control it completely,” she said, and that creates new design opportunities. “This was like a whole other career to me. I became obsessed with it.”

Vickie’s knowledge of her art, attention to detail and interest in her students are what make her an excellent instructor. She strives for quality in her work, but also seems to thrive on the limitless possibilities of fibers. “I am totally immersed in teaching my students. I just want to encourage them to create and let their artistic energies out and have a good time and be pleased with the art they created.”

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXIV
The Center of It All for Quilts, Wearable & Textile Art
September 14-17, 2017
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue, Oaks, PA  19456



PNQE Competition Countdown

Quilt Entry Competition Deadline: August 14, 2017

There are just 4 days left to submit your entry to the 2016 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza quilt competition, Not Fade Away:  While the art of quilting continues to grow in popularity, it is also up to us to keep it growing and vibrant! How were the skills and love of quilting passed on to you? How will you pass it on so that this art form will Not Fade Away?

*Modern Quilt Theme Interpretation
Mid-Century Mod emphasizes the look and feel of mid-20th century design. Artists are asked to draw inspiration from this period, reflecting their own exposures or from the work of artists such as Joan Miro, Piet Mondrian, Victor Vasarely, Frank Stella, etc.

 To enter, please click:  Enter Online or  Print an Entry Form. Jury results will be mailed to all entrants by August 24, 2016.

From the 2016 PNQE Competition:
Emma in the Looking Glass by Lenore Crawford